Allegany Boys Camp is a year-round residential wilderness camp for boys age nine to sixteen who are struggling in their homes and at school. The out-of-doors naturally provides a calm, non-threatening environment where boys can explore and create.  With the help of their group and counselors, they learn to successfully work through their problems toward emotional, behavioral, and spiritual wholeness.

In many ways, a child’s behavior represents his attitudes which are shaped by his values, his view of himself, and the environment around him. We believe that building relationships and trust in a non-punitive environment can nurture long-lasting change as we focus on the attitudes and values that lie beneath a boy’s problem behavior.


By offering positive expectations, we begin the foundation of a relationship by showing a boy respect.

Our Beliefs

We are passionate about seeing relationships restored and for people who feel broken to experience healing.

Get Involved

You can help us in specific ways: prayer, tangible gifts, volunteer, or donate monetarily. We appreciate your support.