Success in our work with boys depends largely on the qualifications of our staff personnel. Unlike most programs, we are not specialists who have earned degrees in mental or behavioral health. Instead, we choose to train the necessary physical skills and professional techniques of working at camp into people who have proved their personal character — counselors who are positive, optimistic, and confident; who display an attitude of interest and faith in people and in wanting to help others learn to be successful. Our staff members are here not because they chose a career, but because their hearts are filled with the love of Jesus and they long to show that same love to others.

God has blessed us tremendously with a wonderful staff team made up of varying background skills and personal strengths. Please meet…

Our Director:

camp (28 of 6)Brian Martin grew up on the edge of an alligator swamp in Georgia amidst a long line of dairy farmers who are passionate about relationships and good food.  His family home was a sanctuary where children were taught respect, the value of hard work, and the adventure of working in God’s kingdom.  In his late teens, Brian traveled to Canada to serve as a counsellor to native American kids riddled with addiction problems and cultural barriers.  During his time in Canada, he was engaged to Angela.  After they were married, they again served in Canada for several years.  Brian sensed a continued call from God to reach out to young people who are struggling.  In 1994,  they moved to Pennsylvania to help Bald Eagle Boys Camp become established.  Over the next seventeen years, Brian served as supervisor, program director, and eventually director before moving to Maryland to start Allegany Boys Camp. He and Angela, along with their nine children, are outdoor enthusiasts.  They’ve enjoyed hiking the Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia, canoeing the Suwannee River in Florida for eight days, and hiking to Krotys Rock in Ireland.  Along with his invaluable years of experience, Brian brings a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm to camp. Whether it’s working with government agencies or walking down trail to talk to a boy, Brian is there with his whole heart.

Our Supervisors:

camp (36 of 6)Albert Stoltzfus grew up in North-central Pennsylvania, assisting his dad in their custom woodworking shop.  Growing up in a family who loved God and the outdoors, Albert developed interests in archery, canoeing, fishing, music, and art.  He especially enjoys doing things using traditional methods and has hand-crafted several recurve bows.  Albert served as a counselor at Bald Eagle for two years then moved to Allegany Boys Camp to help lead the first group of boys. The Woodsmen group quickly developed a strong sense of stability and community thanks largely to his prior experience as a group leader. Today he is one of our supervisors.  Chief Albert has also benefited camp with his artistic skills including his design of our logo.










The youngest in his family of three boys and three girls, Chad Martin had many teachers in his growing up years.  He loves music, especially vocal music, and sang with Vision Quartet before coming to camp.  He also enjoys hunting, fishing, traveling, debating Christianity and how best to live our daily lives, and more recently, has taken an interest in photography.  When his brother served as a missionary in Guatemala for a few years, he sparked Chad’s interest in missions and service opportunities.  Chad got involved teaching Bible Study classes with kids from the city of Allentown.  He also enjoyed studying at Faith Builders Educational Programs and the Shenandoah Institute of Music and Art.











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Life was rarely dull around the house when Leighton Martin was growing up alongside his five sisters and two brothers.  Before coming to camp he was involved in running and maintaining the heavy equipment in his family’s farm drainage business.  Leighton enjoys bow hunting and basketball when he gets a little downtime.  But the highlight of his life happened when he married a lovely girl named Amber.  Leighton was a chief at Bald Eagle for two years then returned home for a short time.  He came to Allegany Boys Camp as a chief to help start the Mountaineer group and is now working as a supervisor.










camp (3 of 27)Kevin Maust’s family lives just across the mountain from camp in Garrett County where he says the sweet corn and tomatoes are the best around! Growing up with a twin brother, twin sisters fifteen months older, and a brother three and a half years older than himself, Kevin never lacked for playmates.  He grew up on a farm, then worked alongside his uncle doing construction before moving to Ontario to work with Northern Youth Programs at Beaver Lake Camp for three years.  Here at Allegany Boys Camp, Kevin served as chief for two years in the Woodsmen group and we are thrilled to have him continue as supervisor.  He loves elephant jokes, Ford Rangers, and Colgate toothpaste because it has a flip lid and never freezes.  Kevin is one of those people who sees the little things that need to be done and takes care of them.  Odds and ends that get missed, clean up jobs here and there … Kevin just quietly goes about taking care of them whether they’re in his job description or not.




Our Family Workers:

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Andrew Barnhart has given most of his adult life to helping boys in trouble. He first arrived at Bald Eagle in 1998 and served as chief in the Highlander group.  Later he transitioned into the role of a group-work supervisor.  Andrew gained a lot of insight into the lives of struggling boys over the 8 years he spent at Bald Eagle.   He and Stephanie spent two years in Ohio before moving to Allegany Boys Camp as supervisor in 2011. In 2013, he began the transition to family worker. Andrew brings a lot of charisma and organizational skills to camp. He especially excells in researching interesting local places that translate into great learning experiences for the boys as they study them, write articles about them, and eventually take field trips to discover them for themselves. One of the highlights to date was a study on trains culminating in an all-camp day trip to Cass Railroad, West Virginia.  Andrew loves to cook, especially with his Green Egg grill.  He can whip up a grilled pizza dinner that will leave your mouth watering for days!





Daryl Miller was born and raised in Nappanee, IN, along with 2 brothers. Growing up without sisters, it was definitely a “boys’ world.” They spent hours riding their ponies on trails through the woods, making their own bows and arrows, fishing, and other various outdoor activities. Daryl learned to love the outdoors at a very young age. He helped work at his Dad’s sawmill, and to this day enjoys the smell of freshly cut wood. Losing his youngest brother three months after being diagnosed with cancer was a difficult experience. During Daryl’s junior high and high school years, he had teachers who helped shape him significantly. In 1998, he went to Bald Eagle Boys Camp to serve as a counselor for 2 years. Leading a group of 10 adolescent boys had a profound impact on him. He married Kendra in 2003 and they have 4 children. Before coming to Allegany Boys Camp, Daryl installed cabinets for a cabinet company and worked as a service technician for an RV manufacturer called Newmar. He also served as board chairman of United Christian Mission, which supports a church and school in Belize, Central America. Daryl is very detail oriented, and enjoys learning “what makes things work.” He enjoys playing basketball, hunting, fishing, reading, woodworking, and learning new things. He is passionate about “making a difference,” and helping others find healing in their relationships.



Our Chiefs:

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Antoine Brubaker was born way down South in a little town called Barnwell, South Carolina; but most of his growing up days happened in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania.  He’s the middle of five children and loves spending time with his two nieces.  Antoine was part of a construction crew and did mostly framing work; but he had other interests on the side.  He’s a talented cello player, owned a raspberry business, and loves to work with his hands.  Besides cello, he also enjoys choral singing and was part of a choir tour to the British Isles.  Antoine is truly a disciple of Jesus and longed to share God’s love and redemption with others.  We’re delighted to have him here!










Jonathon Stoltzfus was born in VA, but grew up in Lancaster, PA. He is the second oldest in a family of 10. Before coming to camp, Jonathon worked for a construction company that builds storage buildings and garages. He enjoys playing guitar, drawing, running, biking, traveling and anything that hints of adventure. Jonathon did a cross-country bicycle trip in 2014 with three friends, attended a Bible School for 12 weeks, and has traveled to seven different countries in the past two years. He also participated in several wilderness personal development trips to New York and Canada, which sparked his interest in wilderness camps. His love of children and the outdoors led him to Allegany Boys Camp where he is a chief in the Pioneer group.






camp (13 of 27)The youngest in his family of four girls and two boys, Benji Schlabach was born in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.  He loves reading, spending time with his nieces and nephews, and rock climbing.  Besides a few years working in construction, Benji spent some time at Bible School and in Haiti and the Philippines on missions trips.  He also interned at Camp Andrews for four months reaching out to inner city kids.  A few weeks at a boys camp in Idaho during the summers when he was fourteen and sixteen piqued his interest in wilderness camps.  Benji says life needs a little adrenalin and adventure to keep things interesting.










Brandon Bowman hails from the little town of Gladys, VA, in rural southern VA. Growing up on 60 acres of mostly wooded land with a creek and a good swimming hole gave plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures. For 3 ½ years, he was getting paid to fulfill a boyhood longing to run big machines and play in the dirt. He worked for an excavation company which included running an excavator, putting in septic systems, clearing land, building ponds, and demolition. He spent 5 weeks in Nicaragua on a mission trip right after high school, and more recently, 6 weeks studying at Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute. Brandon loves being outdoors whether he’s hunting, camping, canoeing, or backpacking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He also enjoys a good game of basketball, reading good books, and listening to music. Before coming to camp, he was reaching out to his community by participating in a boy’s club sponsored by his church and helping with a monthly Bible study at a local jail. Brandon’s heart for others led him to camp where he is a chief in the Mountaineer group.










camp (34 of 6)Matt Stoltzfus grew up in Millmont, Pennsylvania on a small, family-operated dairy farm.  He’s the oldest of seven with five sisters and one brother.  Besides working on the family farm, Matt spent some time in construction and masonry.  He loves sports, especially volleyball and basketball and is developing a new interest in wood carving.  During the summer of 2014 he spent some time doing mission work in Washington, D.C.  Hanging out with the kids there opened his eyes to how many people in the world are hurting.  He started exploring ways to help and found camp.  We’re glad he did!











boys camp staff (19 of 1)Number eight in a family of ten children, Peter Strickler grew up at the foot of a mountain near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  At age eleven, his family moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he finished school and found a job.  He has varied and valuable experience, working on a farm for three years, a six-month stint with a roofer, and a year and a half as a mechanic for a rental company.  In his free time, Peter enjoys bicycling, hunting, canoeing, and singing.  A visit to Malawi where his sister was working at an orphanage moved his heart toward children.  We love having him here as a chief in the Woodsmen group!










 Our Cooks:

camp (5 of 27)As a young girl, Esther Beiler grew up in a sheltered Amish community where missions were rarely spoken of.  Later, however, her dad blessed her desire to get involved and Esther has touched the lives of many people in varied places.  She served as dean of women at Faith Mission Home, cooked at Penn Valley Christian Retreat Center, and spent a number of years teaching and tutoring children with special needs.  Esther has a servant’s heart and loves to bless others.  When she has a free minute, she enjoys counted cross-stitch, making fruit bouquets, or spending time outdoors.











Kimberly Shank lived in Orrtanna, PA, until she was 13, then moved with her family to McConnellsburg, PA, to an 80 acre farm. The oldest in her family of three girls and two boys, Kim became “Mom’s helper” at a young age. Kim enjoys animals, especially dogs, gardening, and reading. Kim’s family has an interest in trains and in their spare time they work on an N scale train platform. Before coming to camp, Kim worked on the family farm where they participate in the farm to table movement by raising vegetables for various restaurants in Washington, DC. Kim’s interest in cooking led her to camp, where we are happy for her assistance in the kitchen.










camp (7 of 27)Sheryl Kanagy grew up in South Carolina except for a three year stint in Belize where her father served as missionary pastor. As an adult, she taught first and second grade for a total of ten years in her home community, Ohio, and in Belize, Central America. She also worked at Mountain View Nursing Home for two years as a nurses aid. Her varied living experiences have only enhanced her positive, bubbly personality and her ability to roll with circumstances as they arise.  Sheryl loves singing, shopping, playing volleyball, beach trips with friends and southern food, especially boiled peanuts!






 Our Secretary:


The oldest of 7 children, Ruth Stoltzfus was accustomed to being a part of the “action”, whether it was indoors or outdoors. Some of her favorite people to spend time with are her family. She has worked as a secretary for 10 years in various places including Anabaptist Financial, Mtn. View Nursing Home, and Gehman Accounting, Inc. Ruth is usually the first person you will speak to when you contact camp. She is also the go-to person for finding the necessary paperwork, keeping camper records and financial records, recording credentials and training for staff, publishing the camp newsletter, and decorating for special events. It’s a multi-faceted job and one she does well thanks to her experience and organizational skills. She thrives on socializing and organizing things and is also passionate about good relationships with the people around her.










Our Maintenance Men:


Brent Mast grew up in the small town of Pinola, PA, on the outskirts of Shippensburg. He is the third oldest child in a family of 3 girls and 4 boys. His father became a pastor when Brent was quite young. After graduating from high school, Brent worked at a pallet shop, building many types and sizes of wooden pallets and shipping crates. In 2015, he started working as an electrical apprentice under his father, an electrical contractor with over 30 years of experience in the trade. Brent enjoys playing volley-ball, biking, hiking, and hunting. He particularly enjoys singing and has participated in several choral groups and singing tours, visiting the eastern US and Puerto Rico. Brent is his family’s “fix-it” man, and we are delighted to have him join the maintenance department here at camp!










camp (30 of 1)Dolyn and Donna Eby moved here in 2013 after he retired and sold his mechanical business to his son. He served as a deacon at his home congregation in Hagerstown, Maryland, and they graciously released him to help us for a time. Dolyn has done a great job of keeping up the grounds, doing laundry for the campers, running after umpteen building and other supplies, fixing the icemaker when it acts up, and keeping the vehicles well-tuned. Most of all, we love the good-natured jokes and laughter he always seems to bring. We fondly call him Grandpa Dolyn. Life wouldn’t be quite complete without the lovely Grandma Donna who helps out in the kitchen when we have a big event and who mends the boys’ clothes when they tear.