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After an unusually cool summer, the day of our long anticipated Mother Son Banquet dawned hot and muggy.  But even temperatures in the nineties with a real feel in the triple digits couldn’t touch the excitement around camp.

Our Mamas were coming!

Mother Son Banquet (119 of 121)

These are the beautiful women who have chosen to give us life, whether by birth or adoption.

They’ve given us breakfast and tucked us into bed at night. They have loved us when we were angry and listened to us when the turmoil inside caused us to say hurtful words to them. Their hands have washed our clothes, swept mud off the floor, and hugged us tightly. Oh, and made us half a million sandwiches more or less.

Most importantly, they have loved us and believed in us when it seemed we could no longer believe in ourselves.  They loved us enough to know when we needed more than their help.  Enough to let us go so we could learn how to work through the pain in our lives and learn how to return their love.

honor Mom

These women, they are our Mamas.

And on this night, we chose to celebrate and honor them.


A few pictures from our wonderful evening ~

A bit of nervous excitement as the boys got all dressed up and chose a rose for their mom.

Mother Son Banquet (42 of 121)

“Shady Grove,” as the area outside chuckwagon is commonly dubbed, turned into an oasis of beauty for the evening celebration. Green ferns, candles reflecting off glass jars, and whimsical arrangements of Queen Anne’s lace added to the ambience of what is already a lovely spot of grass and trees.

Mother Son Banquet (51 of 121)

Arrival time!  Who needs words for that moment when a mama sees her son again for the first time in nearly six weeks?

Mother Son Banquet (52 of 121)


Mother Son Banquet (55 of 121)Miss Esther and Miss Sheryl outdid themselves with a delicious dinner.  And the dessert table? You would have had to be there …

Mother Son Banquet (48 of 121) Mother Son Banquet (65 of 121)

Chief Brian read the story, “Love You Forever,” a humorous, sentimental book about the undying bond between a mother and her child.

Mother Son Banquet (34 of 121)

Everyone enjoyed a spin the wheel game with questions or discussion opportunities to answer.

Mother Son Banquet (27 of 121)

Of course, no camp activity would feel complete without a bit of singing.

Mother Son Banquet (113 of 121)Perhaps though, the very end of the evening was the best.  Each boy built a miniature pow wow fire.  When they were all lit we stood around the circle and the boys had the opportunity to say those important words we sometimes find it so difficult to verbalize. “One thing I really like about my mom is ….”

Mother Son Banquet (115 of 121)


To all our amazing Moms who love unselfishly, thank you for everything you do!

PS: Stay tuned for more Mother Son Banquet photos on our facebook page soon!