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We often look at a boy when he graduates and see the significant ways he changed while he was at camp.  Sometimes in the big picture we forget to notice the little changes.  Changes that are like a window into the big changes that are in progress.

Tuesday night in chuckwagon after the boys were back from home visit Chief Leighton asked, “What did you do on home visit that you wouldn’t have done before camp?”

Boys camp (78 of 183)

Hands popped up everywhere (campers and chiefs alike) and the answers were so interesting!

:: cleaned my room

:: entered a bucksaw competition at the fair and WON hands down

:: played guitar

:: went on a canoe trip

:: cooked Japanese chicken for my family

:: fished with divers

:: mowed the grass for someone

:: made chicken marsala

:: made my bed

:: taught my parents how to play trees

:: offered advice to my siblings when there was a problem

:: talked redneck stuff with my dad (coming from a boy who lives in the city) 😉

:: taught my brothers how to solve problems and actually work on them

reading to learn

Isn’t that list fabulous?!! Boys learning to be responsible for their room …. offering to help others … cooking dinner … having fun in the great outdoors … working on relationships … So many wonderful, positive changes!

We’re thrilled everyone had a good home visit and can’t wait to dive into another session!