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Christmas … the beautiful time when we celebrate the birthday of Jesus. The amazing gift of salvation from our Father God.  I love the way giving is wound into the very fabric of the Christmas Season.  At camp, we love to celebrate with a few traditions.

Christmas (30 of 16)

During the first part of December, the boys help to string popcorn and cranberries.

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Wreaths and garlands are made for the windows in chuckwagon.

Chuck tents in campsites get decorated.

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Later we spend a day making cookies to share with our neighbors.

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That evening we pile onto two wagons embellished with sparkly lights and get shuttled around the neighborhood via tractor.  We sing our hearts out with the beautiful, old, familiar carols and give out big plates of yummy cookies!

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The traditional party night the night before homevisit begins turns into a beautiful Christmas Banquet!

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Pretty candles, a Christmas dinner, talk about Christmas along with our normal session evaluation, and a brand new sweatshirt for each camper!

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If Jesus hadn’t come, there would be no meaning in the carols.  If Jesus hadn’t taught us about love, we wouldn’t bother to share with others.  But He did come! Not just as a baby, but as the Word of God made flesh to dwell among us.  Today we get to experience the miraculous gift of His love within us!

Christmas service in the barn (9 of 10)

Be blessed this Christmas!

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