2014 Derby Car Race

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In February, Allegany Boys Camp enjoyed its first derby car race.  The boys and staff alike spent hours designing, carving, and painting a derby car in hope that it would be the winning model!  The most coveted prize, of course, was for speed; but cars were also awarded prizes for more creative and most realistic…. Read more »

Splitting Wood

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Soon after he arrived, one of the first boys to stay here at Allegany Boys Camp, raised a small complaint because we were expected to cut our firewood with a crosscut saw rather than a chainsaw. You know, after all, he was fast coming to the age when a young man needs to learn to… Read more »

It’s Party Night!

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Camp sessions are mostly divided into six week increments culminating in a five day home visit.  On Thursday night before the boys head home with their parents or caregivers, campers and staff alike get together for “Party Night.” Except for holidays, our parties are relatively low-key with minimal or no decor but oh-so-yummy food!  The… Read more »

Chapel in the Woods

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A few minutes prior to 11:00 on Sunday morning, three groups of boys wend their way down a quiet path through the woods to a small, outdoor chapel.  Cold or hot, sun or clouds, a few rain sprinkles or snowflakes, we collect on log benches to sing, pray, and learn about God for an hour… Read more »


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Happy New Year! At Allegany Boys Camp, we celebrated the coming of a new year all evening! We began with some group singing, accompanied by guitar music by one of our guests, Ben Shank.  Ben has helped camp over the course of the summer by hand-hewing rafters and beams for the office remodel project.  He’s… Read more »