An Easter Sunrise Service

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Clouds lightly layered the sky as our caravan of cars and vans pulled out of the driveway and headed toward a mountain ridge on Easter morning.  It was minutes before seven and chilly. Arriving at the top of the ridge, people grabbed seat cushions and settled in groups on the grass. The view was breathtaking!… Read more »

February Home Visit

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Camp gets divided up into what we call sessions. Almost all the sessions are six weeks long, except for the one between Thanksgiving and Christmas. At the end of each session we have a party night before the boys head home for a few days to be with their families. Party night is a fun… Read more »

Home Visit Feedback

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We often look at a boy when he graduates and see the significant ways he changed while he was at camp.  Sometimes in the big picture we forget to notice the little changes.  Changes that are like a window into the big changes that are in progress. Tuesday night in chuckwagon after the boys were back from home… Read more »

Celebrating the 4th

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July 4th is always a fun day at camp because all the groups and staff get to join in for some group activities!  We missed the Woodsmen group who had already left for their two and a half week canoe trip. This year the activities started at one o’clock with prison dodge ball, a game… Read more »


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There will always be a last time. The last time you walk up trail to chuckwagon. The last time you pack a shower bag. The last time you circle up with your group. The last time you help to lead a song at sharing time. Even the changes we most look forward to can have… Read more »

Problem Solving

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Once a session, except during the holidays, our family workers meet with the parents of the boys at camp in what we call Parent Group Meeting.  Primarily, it’s a way to learn about some of the basics of camp philosophy and structure. It’s also a chance for parents of campers to meet each other, swap stories, and… Read more »

Celebrating Christmas

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Christmas … the beautiful time when we celebrate the birthday of Jesus. The amazing gift of salvation from our Father God.  I love the way giving is wound into the very fabric of the Christmas Season.  At camp, we love to celebrate with a few traditions. During the first part of December, the boys help… Read more »

Turkey in the Hole

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Everyone likes to celebrate Thanksgiving, but I’d venture to guess there are few cooks who have half as much fun cooking the turkey as we do! Our celebration begins in the kitchen, er field.  When we cook turkey outdoors, we do it with flair! The night before our banquet, we take turns stoking and fanning… Read more »

Mother Son Banquet 2014

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After an unusually cool summer, the day of our long anticipated Mother Son Banquet dawned hot and muggy.  But even temperatures in the nineties with a real feel in the triple digits couldn’t touch the excitement around camp. Our Mamas were coming! These are the beautiful women who have chosen to give us life, whether… Read more »

Dutch Oven Cookoff

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Ever wonder what it would be like to cook all of your food over a fire?  At Allegany Boys Camp, the boys do exactly that two days out of every week.  Friday through Tuesday they head up trail three times a day and enter chuckwagon where Miss Esther and Miss Sheryl have fabulous food waiting… Read more »