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Happy New Year!

At Allegany Boys Camp, we celebrated the coming of a new year all evening!

New Years Eve party

We began with some group singing, accompanied by guitar music by one of our guests, Ben Shank.  Ben has helped camp over the course of the summer by hand-hewing rafters and beams for the office remodel project.  He’s a man of many talents!


Other highlights included a fabulous snack of barbecued chicken wings, Texas caviar, vegetables and dip, eggnog, and punch; a hot chocolate ramble through the woods, and a contest to see which group can build a fire on a tiny boat, sail it across the pond, and keep their fire going the longest.


New Years Eve snack; residential boys camp

But by far the favorite part of the evening was watching our guest illusionist!  He kept us spellbound for two forty-five minute sessions with card tricks, magically pulling box after box out of an empty paper bag, and putting a pointed piece of metal through an inflated balloon.  Many of his illusions were an illustration of the way Christ is in our life, like taking our lives of emptiness and pulling out beautiful colors and gifts.  The most amazing was when two of our staff members handcuffed him with heavy metal chains and locked the chain just the way sin wraps our lives.  When they covered his hands with a red sheet to symbolize the blood of Jesus, he broke free of the chains just the way Jesus sets us free.  It was truly amazing to watch!

magic tricks, boys camp  magic tricks, boys camp

Enjoy a few live snippets from our evening~

Wishing you all the best this twenty fourteen!