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creative derby cars

In February, Allegany Boys Camp enjoyed its first derby car race.  The boys and staff alike spent hours designing, carving, and painting a derby car in hope that it would be the winning model!  The most coveted prize, of course, was for speed; but cars were also awarded prizes for more creative and most realistic.

carving derby cars

Here is one camper’s take on the race.

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom

The anticipation was awful, just awful. The amount of anxiety was so
bad that if you were racing in it you would lay in bed, for what seemed
hours, just thinking. Questions would run through the minds of racers, such
as who will win? Who will earn the bragging rights? People were doing
everything they could to make their cars the number one. Sadly but true only
one would win, and the rest of us. Well we just had to face reality. And if
you don’t feel like you can get through it, well hankies are 50 cents in
trading post. The day finally came. We had the weigh in and after that all
you could think of was Race night. You would judge other cars and think “his
car looks so slow,” all until you got beat three times. Just because you
underestimated that person. Your best was no longer your friend, he was now
your mortal enemy. The race was on a Tuesday night, everyone was excited.
Even the people who didn’t have a car were excited. It was down to 3 racers,
Go Joe, John Deere car and Dogs rule. Everyone was yelling. We were yelling
so loud you couldn’t even understand the words. Dogs rule lost to John Deere
car. Now it was John Deere car and Go Joe. They raced two significant times,
but Go Joe won. It was a good race night for everyone. Even the losers had
good attitudes. I hope you enjoyed this article about race night.

racing derby cars

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